Super Junior

Name: Super Junior or SuJu | 슈퍼주니어 or 슈주
Labels: SM Entertaiment, Avex Asia
Year Active: 2005
Genre: K-pop, C-pop, dance, R&B, trot
Fanclub: E.L.F (EverLasting Friends)

Individual Profile …

Real Name: Park Jungsu
Stage Name: Leeteuk
Birth Date: July 1st 1983
Position: Leader, sub-vocal
Blood type: A
Nicknames: Angel Without Wings,Teuki Teuki Leeteuki,AngelTeuk,Lida Park,Peter Pan

Real Name: Kim Heechul
Stage Name: Heechul
Birth Date: July 10th 1983
Position: Sub leader, rapper, sub vocal
Height: 179cm
Blood type: AB
Nicknames: Heenim, Cinderella, Sachawon, Kim Cherry

Real Name: Han Geng/Han Kyung
Stage Name: Hangeng
Birth Date: September 9th 1984
Position: Sub-vocal
Height: 181cm
Blood type: B
Nicknames: Eagle, The Miracle of 1.3 Million, Angel of Heilung Jiang

Real Name: Kim Joongwoon
Stage Name: Yesung
Birth Date: August 24th 1984
Position: Lead Vocal
Height: 178cm
Blood type: AB
Nicknames: Cloud, Artistic Vocal Cords, Singing Yesung, Cheonan Uljjang

Real Name: Kim Youngwoon
Stage Name: Kangin
Birth Date: January 17th 1985
Position: Sub vocal
Height: 178cm
Blood type: O
Nicknames: Bear Kangin,Strength Kangin,raccoon,Korea No.1 Handsome Guy,The Real Leader

Real Name: Shin Donghee
Stage Name: Shindong
Birth Date: September 28th 1985
Position: Rapper
Height: 178cm
Blood type: O
Nickname: Dolpan Ogyupsal(a type of food)

Real Name: Lee Sungmin
Stage Name: Sungmin
Birth Date: January 1st 1986
Position: Main vocal
Height: 175cm
Blood type: A
Nicknames: Pumpkin Guy,Sungmin Who’s Too Cute for Us

Real Name: Lee Hyukjae
Stage Name: Eunhyuk
Birth Date: April 4th 1986
Position: Rapper, Sub-vocal
Height: 176cm
Blood type: O
Nicknames:Monkey,Gem Adonis,Little Mermaid,cockroach,Hallyu Star,Hyojjae,Hyukgoo

Real Name: Lee Donghae
Stage Name: Donghae
Birth Date: October 15th 1986
Position: Rapper, sub vocal
Height: 176cm
Nickname: Fish, Sushi, Hweh, Ryeowook’s #1 Fan, Bada’s Dad, East Sea(Donghae means East Sea(Sea of Japan) in Korean), Mokpo Uljjang

Real Name: Choi Siwon
Stage Name: Siwon
Birth Date: February 10th 1987
Position: Sub Vocal
Height: 185cm
Blood type: B
Nickname: Simba, The Lord’s #1 Fan, bodyguard, gentleman, horse

Real Name: Kim Ryeowook
Stage Name: Ryeowook
Birth Date: June 21st 1987
Position: Main Vocal
Height: 173cm
Blood type: O
Nickname: Ryeonggoo, Eternal Maknae(youngest), Rank #1, Ryeowook On Top, Ex-Maknae

Real Name: Kim Kibum
Stage Name: Kibum
Birth Date: August 21st 1987
Position: Rapper
Height: 179cm
Blood type: A
Nickname: Snow White, The Natural One

Real Name: Cho Kyuhyun
Stage Name: Kyuhyun
Birth Date: February 3rd 1988
Position: Main vocal
Height: 178cm
Blood type: A
Nickname: Choding, Maknae(youngest) On Top, Micky’s Best Fan,Lord Kyu ,Sulky Kyu, Excellent Plastic Surgery Result(=P) Kyu, Porn Kyu, Fit-In Kyu, Chic Kyu, Alien, Jesus Kyu, Dorm Kyu, Sexy Kyu, Baby Kyu, Shy Kyu, ELF Kyu, (cape ah .. masih banyak !!)

Guest Member …

Real name: Zhou Mi
Birthday: April 19th 1986
Height: 182cm
Nickname: Kangta, Siwon
Group: Super Junior M

Real name: Henry Lau
Birthday: October 11th 1989
Height: 176cm
Nickname: Mochi
Group: Super Junior M

  1. VinnLawliett says:

    kerennn… tpi informasinya kurang…

  2. Rosel Segunla says:

    saranghae yesung oppa!!!!!!!!!:)

  3. nurul says:

    suju fighting oitt
    saranghae suju oppa
    x sba nk jmpa lgi
    ble ye suju nk dtg malaysia lgi ???
    nnti jmpa
    wookie oppa fighting

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