Girls’ Generation

Name: Girls’ Generation or So Nyeo Shi Dae or SNSD | 소녀시대
Labels: SM Entertaiment, Avex Asia
Year Active: 2007
Genre: Pop
Fanclub: S♥NE
Website: Official Website

Individual Profile …


Real Name: Kim Taeyeon | 김태연
Stage Name: Taeyeon
Birth Date: March 9 1989
Position: Leader, Main vocalist
Height: 160cm
Blood Type: O
Nickname: Umma, Ajumma, Kid Leader, Tete, MungTaeng (Dumb Taeyeon), Taeng, Byeon Taeng
Hobbies: Swimming


Real Name: Jessica Jung | 정수연
Stage Name: Jessica
Birth Date: 18 April 1989
Position: Main vocalist
Height: 163cm
Blood Type: B
Nickname: Ice Princess, Sica, Sicachu, Ajumma
Hobbies: Boxing, soccer


Real Name: Lee Sunkyu | 이순규
Stage Name: Sunny | 써니
Birth Date: May 15 1989
Position: Supporting vocalist
Height: 158cm
Blood Type: B
Nickname: DJ Soon, Sunny Bunny
Hobbies: Swimming, video games, sports


Real Name: Stephanie Hwang
Stage Name: Tiffany | 티파니
Birth Date: August 1 1989
Position: Supporting vocalist
Height: 163cm
Nickname: Spongebob Hwang, Fany Fany Tiffany, Human Jukebox, Mushroom, Tiffiana, JumFany, AjumNy
Hobbies: Flute


Real Name: Kim Hyoyeon | 김효연
Stage Name: Hyoyeon
Birth Date: September 22 1989
Position: Supporting vocalist, Main dancer
Height: 158cm
Blood Type: AB
Nickname: Princess Fiona, Dancing Queen, Hyorengi (Tiger)
Hobbies: Dancing


Real Name: Kwon Yuri | 권유리
Stage Name: Yuri
Birth Date: 5 December 1989
Position: Supporting vocalist, lead dancer
Height: 167cm
Blood Type: AB
Nickname: Black Pearl & Kkamyool & Kkamchi & Ggab-Yul
Hobbies: Dancing, Ballet, Piano, Swimming, Violin


Real Name: Choi Sooyoung | 최수영
Stage Name: Sooyoung
Birth Date: February 10 1989
Position: Supporting vocalist
Height: 170cm
Blood Type: O
Nickname: ShikShin (Food God), NaSoo (Interrupter)


Real Name: Im Yoona | 임윤아
Stage Name: Yoona
Birth Date: May 30 1990
Position: Supporting vocalist, lead dancer
Height: 166cm
Blood Type: B
Nickname: Deer Yoona, Him Yoona, Goddess Yoong


Real Name: Seo Joohyun | 서주현
Stage Name: Seohyun | 서현
Birth Date: June 28 1991
Position: Lead vocalist
Height: 168cm
Blood Type: A
Nickname: Maknae
Hobbies: Piano

  1. Eunice says:

    two thumbs up

  2. stella says:

    Wah….. ^___^
    I like your blog is so good & beautiful

  3. nurul says:

    saranghae oppa ryeowook in seoul song with snsd
    fighting suju n snsd eonni
    k pop fighting

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