Name: A’st1 (Pronounced A’Style)
Labels: Daesung Entertainment [DSP Enterntainment]
Fanclub: EUNICE (유니스)

Individual Profile ..

Name: Azuma Tomoki
Date of birth: January 25th 1987
Position: vocal, in charge of dorkiness
Height: 178cm
Weight: 64kg
Nationality: Half-Japanese, Half-Korean
School: Kookmin University (Performing Arts)
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Exercising, Soccer, Reading Manga
Speciality: Martial arts, Acting
Family: only child
Ideal Girl: Nakama Yukie, Han Ga In
Roomate : JangMoon
Favorite singer : Lee Seung Chul

“He’s the mother of the band.”

Name: Park Jung Jin
Date of birth: May 1st 1987
Position: Leader
Height: 181cm
Weight: 67kg
Nationality: Korean
School: Dong Seoul University (Broadcasting &arts)
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Shopping, gym, snowboard, listening to music, games, singing, soccer
Ideal Girl: someone nice and cute when her hair is tied up, doesn’t like girls who curse
Roomate : InKyu

“He’s the father of the band.”

Name: Ding Hai Ming
Date of birth: August 7th 1987
Position: vocal, in charge of cuteness
Height: 183cm
Weight: 66kg
Nationality: Chinese
School: Chung Ang University (Drama & films studies)
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Watching movies, acting
Ideal Girl: powerful girls who are older than him
Roomate : HanByul

“He’s the grandmother of the band.”

Name: Byun Jang Moon
Date of birth: September 29th 1988
Position: Main vocal
Height: 180cm
Weight: 62kg
Nationality: Korean
School: Dong Seoul University (Broadcasting &arts)
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Piano, games, exercising, movies, snowboarding
Ideal Girl: must have a cute smile and a melodious voice
Roomate : Tomo

“He’s the daughter of the band.”

Name: Sung In Kyu
Date of birth: November 18th 1988
Position: Rapper
Height: 183cm
Weight: 67kg
Nationality: Korean
School: Su Won University (Theater & film studies)
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Singing, popping, taekwondo, swimming, beatboxing, rap,writing songs, basketball
Ideal Girl: a kind girl with who he feels comfortable with, someone with big eyes who don’t flirt around
Roomate : JungJin

“He’s the big son of the band.”

Name: Lim Han Byul
Date of birth: February 8th 1989
Position: Main vocal, magnae
Height: 172cm
Weight: 60kg
Nationality: Korean
School: Hanyang University (Journalism & mass communication)
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Listening to music, singing, reading fanfics, writing songs
Ideal Girl: sexy girls
Roomate : Haiming

“He’s the young son of the band.”

A' ST1

  1. asti.. says:

    mba, hebat lah.. sekarang mah udah punya blog..
    ak paling suka A’ST1,, soalnya mirip kayak nama ak..
    ASTI.. jhahahahaha… geje..

  2. vicky says:

    i think that jung jin is the best dancer! he dances really really well!

  3. nurul says:

    like song u all
    in bof
    nice song

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